We invest in education and creativity startups, which already reached the product-market fit and present paying and satisfied customers. 

We are looking for entrepreneurs that are passionate about the problem and 100% dedicated to the business.

We are early-stage investors, and, therefore, we normally invest in pre-seed, seed, and series A rounds. However, we have certain flexibility regarding the round size, investment ticket, and the startup’s maturity stage. The primordial criteria are the product-market fit proven, paying customers, and performance in education and creativity.

Our process begins with the fulfillment of the inscription forms presented here, on our website. After the fit analysis with our investment thesis, the selected startups present their pitch to us. 

If there is interest on both sides, we begin an investigative process about the market and startup indicators. The duration of this process can vary according to the maturity stage of each startup.

On average, our process takes around 90 days and ends up with the presentation for our investment committee, composed of the Head of Innovation and New Business Development, the CFO, and the CEO of Faber-Castell Brazil.


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